Salmon coming back home

It’s season salmon coming back home stream now.

I happened to find the early arrival of some salmons in the stream of the neighborhood. It was not clear because of the algae looked like here and there. But I noticed them big sound of splash. They were staying there for a while but never seen after a while when I searched there again.

It’s so amazing how far travel of them to get back their home. It’s their destinies trip in a life.

Why salmon come back home
The local news


Salmon coming back home」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ⛅
    I knew salmon,s story
    So I lived near Show river ten years ago
    But salmon come home Gameriver
    It’s surprised❗Why?
    Lost salmon?
    But salmon is great so carry out It’s mission


    1. It’s not knowing but the Game river is not a river but a kind of system city water originally and small one pouring into the Fugan Channel. They might swam back from the Toyama bay by way of the channel?


  2. Yes,I have a lot of adventure with out run a risk
    I am curious so I love first thing – place- people- taste- sound – etc.
    Because I am ann「Akage no ann」



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