Animal thrapy

It’s very helpful to live with pets especially for children and old people because animals are needed to be taken care of every day and watched by gentle heart. They can’t speak words but speak a lot by their languages. We should sense their languages by heart and learn how to communicate heart to heart communication. It’s said only watching animals or touching them effects to heal and make lower the blood pressure. Children can learn the importance of life…life are not working by butteries…something like that.

Animal therapy


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  1. Good morning ⛅
    Children come over to my house almost every day👧👩
    They play with my dog 🐶
    At that time they are gently expression😍😃😆😄
    That is as smile as they eating fried rice and sweet



    1. Yeah…I know what you mean. We often see elderly people talk to their doggies as if they are talking to babies….it’s the same as me😆
      If I talk to my dog “Hungry?” , saying ” mamma tabemachuka?”
      It’s a kind of play role with forever baby.


    1. Hmmm…your princess Nana would be lovely 😊 But I sometimes see selfish noisy doggie, can’t be controlled nor accompanied with other 🐶. Maybe too much spoiled. I think even precious ones should be tamed well.



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