Great fiction for the proverb 6

Kate and Sally is sisters. They are going to visit their cousin Amy who has married and moved to a new house. They have an address of her but never know about the town. Amy wrote a note of her residence. It says for 10 minutes’ walk from the Zebra station. It’s northern west gate and across from the gymnasium through the park. There is a cafe and a fancy boutique along the street. She lives in the third floor at the 10 stories apartment.
K; Here, it’s the north gate right, Sally?
S; Yeah…but it tells northwest gate. We may find another one on the map.
K; Let’s see the map over there.
S; Where are we? It’s here now. We should move this way until there.
K; Where is north? Is it the right direction? 
S; Sure it is. I have a sense of direction not like you don’t. Trust me.
K; Okay, I have no sense of direction so I can’t deny you.
S; We can’t find that gate though having walked.
K; We’d better ask someone to know well. 
S; If you want to make sure.
K; Yes, I will.

It’s better to ask the way than to go wrong.
S; Don’t I have any sense of direction, either?


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  1. Thank you😆
    First I misunderstood quiz of map so I wrote map
    Their are 「hookoo onchi」,?
    My brain🌀
    But today,s blog funny😄




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