Great fiction for the proverb 5

One day at the home room in the 9th grade (15-year-old) class at school.
C; chairman, student 1,2,3,4 

C; Today we’re going to talk about “Why do we have to study?” Does anyone have an opinion?
S1; I study because I want to be a pilot. It must be very hard to get high technology and skill. I have to go to the especial course of engineering university so I study hard.
C; You’re great! You have a target to study. Does anyone else have a opinion?
S2; I want to be a soccer player so I don’t need to study, just train my physical power and play soccer every day very hard.
S3; It’s not true. Soccer players need both physical and brain power. If you don’t study well you can’t make good game well.
S2; What’s that? I don’t need Math calculation or English grammar nor Ancient Japanese history to play soccer. So I just learn how to kick the ball and quick and long dribble.
C; Do you think guys, sportsmen and women don’t need to study ?
S4; I agree to S3 because if sportsmen don’t have any knowledge of rules or comprehension of the game they can’t go well. Especially the team game like soccer, baseball, basketball and so on are needed cooperative works in a team. So everyone should be smart as well, which was brought up by studying anyway. I was taught that nothing is wasteful to study by my mentor.
S2; It’s not me. Because I don’t like studying, so I want to be a soccer player, otherwise I want to be an astronaut if I can. 
S1; I can’t decide what will be but now just having a dream and making me positive. So I hate to underestimate myself.
S2; You’re telling great! Hey guys 

” Learn wisdom from foolishness of others.” You should learn wisdom from me!
C; Sorry to hear that. But Mr.S2 you’re now to know ” Why do we have to learn?”.
S2; Yeah….I want to be a soccer player not because I don’t like studying but really like soccer. And I try to study hard as possible because I’d like to be an excellent player making good games. It’s needed a brain power.
C; Our conclusion is that we need to study for everything we want. Whatever we may be we need to study in any ways.


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  1. Good morning ☔ 🌀
    I remember
    When We are watching tv quiz show my children says「mam don’t say answer❗」always
    I am too selfish
    Today,I say answer like mystery「k⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪w⚪s⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪n⚪h⚪⚪⚪」,?


    1. You did well. But my intentional article is not that. It’s my own vision not to be right. So it’s from the sentence ” Learn wisdom by the foolishness of others.”



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