Great fiction for the proverb 4

Meeting of a teacher and a parent(an ideal talk just in the scenario, which might not be true)

T; teacher P; parent

T; I’m sure your son Tom is loved and cared. So he’s a very good student.

P; Thanks for your compliment but I’m sometimes worried about his impatience. He’s very active and too quick never staying one place. What do you think?

T; Yeah, he’s really fast and quick and very smart as you said. Only the problem is that no one can be a friend with him because he is so special. I hope he can find a good mate to compete with him.

P; I don’t know why he doesn’t want to have any friends. He likes at home having fun with younger brothers.
T; Okay, that’s nice of him to help you and play with brothers. He must be a leader of your brothers.

P; Yes, he is a good elderly and a boss of the triplets. And I have a job so he is very helpful. Sometimes I’m so sorry for him.

T; I understand where you’re.

P; Is there something wrong with him?

T; Nothing, but I just want he could join in the classmates. Actually he likes being alone by himself.

P; Do you have any ideas for him to join the mates?

T; I’m going to take my students of Hike in the Nature club to the country village for 2 nights and 3 days trip next holidays. If you like let him join the tour.

P; That sounds good. I will tell him. He likes to explore the nature.

T; Good. I really hope you treat him to make friends.

Please love well and whip well.

P; I agree that children will depart home and have good companies. We did as the same way and built a new life.

T; We learned a lot among people and cope each other.

P; I wish he could make it. Thank you.


Great fiction for the proverb 4」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Waaaaaa thank you😆
    I think a little「rui wa tomo o yobu」
    But friends don’t come into blog
    Today is happy day too🌹☕🍰


    1. Yesterday I watched “Ocean Heaven” on BS premium. It was not suspense nor thrilled but great human drama. I couldn’t watch it without lots of tears more than 50cc…😭


  2. I watch drama and movie with tears too
    「Ktreamonto hotel」It’s oldlady and youngman
    Theirs story
    He says into movie「人は、誉められることが大事だ。でなきゃ 失意のうちに死ぬ」
    I think so too
    Since then anyone as praise as I can



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