Great fiction for the proverb 3

Today I’ll show you very impressive video clip which protects wild life. There is also hidden a proverb in the dialogue, which mother and son talked about. 

Giving love
Conversation about “giving love ” between Mother and Son

M; This orphan cub can’t live without mothering affection. So they care for the wild orphans to grow well until they live by themselves.
B; Don’t they have mothers? What happens?
M; Not knowing exactly but it happens in the wild life.
B: Did enemies attack and killed them? 
M; May be or not but sickness.
B; If I were left alone without mom I would have been an orphan like them. I couldn’t live without mommy’s milk. I’m protected and live now.
M; You can imagine that. We are also blessed by love. So we can share the love each other.
B; Thank you mommy to give me great love. I will give it back to you.
M; No, honey. You don’t have to give it back to me, instead you would give it to others. 
B; You don’t want my love?
M; I just want to see you grow to love your life and give others perfect love. It’s my great gift.
B; Will you be given back from what you did?
M; Yes, I’m sure that one good turn deserves another.
B; Mom, I’m convinced you’ll be deserved may not by me but others….LOL.
M; Of course, I will. But I’ve already got so much by you.


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  1. Thank you very much😍
    But I can’twrite without dictionary
    Now I don’t use dictionary
    Sorry my mistake
    Ishould study for write


    1. Don’t worry! It’s just chatting and virtual exchange of conversation…take it easy. By the way how did you feel about the video of the rescue of the wildlife?


    1. Oh…couldn’t you see the video clip which I linked here? It’s about this topic between the two. I was very impressed so much and took this proverb into today.😊



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