Great fiction for the proverb 3

Today I’ll show you very impressive video clip which protects wild life. There is also hidden a proverb in the dialogue, which mother and son talked about. 

Giving love
Conversation about “giving love ” between Mother and Son

M; This orphan cub can’t live without mothering affection. So they care for the wild orphans to grow well until they live by themselves.
B; Don’t they have mothers? What happens?
M; Not knowing exactly but it happens in the wild life.
B: Did enemies attack and killed them? 
M; May be or not but sickness.
B; If I were left alone without mom I would have been an orphan like them. I couldn’t live without mommy’s milk. I’m protected and live now.
M; You can imagine that. We are also blessed by love. So we can share the love each other.
B; Thank you mommy to give me great love. I will give it back to you.
M; No, honey. You don’t have to give it back to me, instead you would give it to others. 
B; You don’t want my love?
M; I just want to see you grow to love your life and give others perfect love. It’s my great gift.
B; Will you be given back from what you did?
M; Yes, I’m sure that one good turn deserves another.
B; Mom, I’m convinced you’ll be deserved may not by me but others….LOL.
M; Of course, I will. But I’ve already got so much by you.


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