Great fiction for the proverb 2

There are some loss and gain in our life. We can’t tell what’s really effective and fruitful in the end. Then can you answer today’s proverb in Japanese?

Son; Hi, dad! Good news that the XZbank gives me $50 if I open a new credit card account.What do you think?

Dad; It sounds good but you never know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Son; What do you mean?

Dad; Listen my son. The bank would not give you money for free, instead you have to pay later.

Son; They don’t demand to pay but gives me a credit card.

Dad; That’s it! Beware of something for the credit card. You have to pay to keep your credit certification. How much do you need to pay for it every year?

Son; Oh…it tells $50 per year but the first year is discharged.

Dad; Think about it if you’ll be given $50 for free only for the first year but you’ll buy another $50 every year for the credit card. As long as you need it it’s beneficial.

Son; I understand what you mean. Actually I have a credit card and a bank account so no need to have another new one.

Dad; So you say, you know what to do.

Son; Yeah…I notice that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Dad; Good son you are! I want to see your father.

Son; LOL…..I’ll charge you to arrange to meet my father, dad.


Then answer is posted. Here’s good explanation for the proverb.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.


Nothing is free. Even the things that are free have a hidden cost


“His bank gave him $50 for free, but he had to commit to opening a credit card account. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

By the way did you make fun of yourself with the last line of the story? I mean I made a good joke.


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  1. Actually
    I go appreciating to Tokyoto art museum with my friend
    「Inten」 is hold until 16, September
    She patients in watercolor
    Maybe we will wander about ueno park
    We will having fun
    Good bye



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