Great fiction for the proverb 7

Yukiko’s husband Koichi has just come back from the hospital where he had been for two weeks.He suddenly had pain in his stomach and couldn’t walk two weeks before. He had been taken into an emergency room and took an examination. He had to stay in the hospital and got a treatment.
Y; Hi, you’ve recovered, haven’t you?
K; Yeah, almost…thank you.
Y; Do you still remember when you were two weeks ago?
K; Of course! I never forget that pain in my life. It was the worst!
Y; I’m very sorry for that. So you need to be careful not having that again.
K; Why not? I’ll be cautious about food and drink even if I’m hungry.
Y; Yeah…you finally know it as I was telling you not to eat fast nor drink too much in a quick.
K; I really understand what you meant now. But is it too late?
Y; No honey, you’ve learned well. It’s your precious experience you never knew. So you’ve done it, “No pain no gain” now.
K; You can tell! I’ve learned how much happy without pain. I’ll behave.
Y; I’m very happy to hear that.


Today’s story is not exactly the issue of the proverb you may think so. It seems better “Eat in moderate keeps away the doctor” than that of “no pain, no gain”. I’m sorry to have made you confused. Anyway today’s target is “ku areba raku ari” “kuraku tsukimono”. That’s all! Thank you.


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