Jace starts to speak from one word to some words combination such as “Subject + Verb”.

It’s very interesting video what he’s very interested in,  “The Thomas the train”. My daughter explained that he is reading the picture book about Thomas was being washed and competition with his mate bus Burdy.(No.1)

The other one is Jace is doing something in the garden with his father.(No.2)

What is he speaking in the blank?

Question No.1

Thomas (           ) (repeat) (repeat)

Burdy    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


(              ) (                 )


Question No.2

(              ) (           )?


Answer time now!

1.  Clean clean …Thomas was washed and being clean

     Dirty gone…means get clean!

2.  Excuse me ….. But it’s not been said “Excu” ,instead “cue me”. I thought it was “Kiss me” but his mother said he’s practicing “Excuse me” many times.



  1. Good morning☔
    Q 1 kinkin
    Dady gone
    Q2 miss me
    I heard it for my ears 👂
    Listening is very difficult
    But Jace,s voice very cute🎶


    1. Good guess but close!!
      There is a story of his…Tomath was washed and ….
      Second one is very difficult but it’s his learning expression not perfect word. I also couldn’t get it.



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