Great fiction for the proverb 1

A and B are good friends and they’re in faith each other. You know good friends help each other. Among this dialogue there is a good proverb. Can you find it and into it in Japanese?

A; How’s it going?

B; I’m okay but a bit feeling down.

A; What’s wrong?

B; Hmmm…my boss always says ill of me because I’m careless. I’m always trying to my best but I made mistakes.

A; Well, you know what you did being careless so you should be more careful. I know you did your best but you seem to be afraid of being scolded by your boss.

Listen to your boss carefully again. And repeat it again and again without your excuse. Then you’ll be free from your self-justification.

B; Am I coward?

A; Yes, you are. But you can change yourself now.

B; How can I change myself?

A; You should think that the most helpful advice may be difficult to listen to.

B; You mean I should listen to the most difficult. It’s my lesson to be careful and listen to my boss, isn’t it?

A; That’s right. You can do it.

B; All right, I’ll try as much as possible. I’ll mind it ” the most helpful advice may be difficult to listen to”.

A; That’s good! I hope you will make it done.

B; Thank you so much.

A; You’ll deserve it.


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  1. Good morning☀
    I guess proverb is 「isibasi o tataite wataru」
    Because 「careful」is a lot of in this blog
    Waaaaaa it is difficult



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