Little forest

Yesterday Lucy recommended a movie, which she’s thinking to buy the DVD of it.

I searched it on the net and found one of them. I watched it and very moved with it. It’s really about perfect slow life having slow natural food in each season. But the place is where no super supermarket nor conveinent store of course no internet as well. There is only villege and field to cultivate to produce to eat and natural things to share such as mountain plants or fruits.

It’s old but new life which we must remember ….we need to keep something important;

“We learn how to eat to live.”

Little forest


Little forest」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    「Little forest」 watched after I remember 「small house in big grasslands」
    Inconvenient life but good old
    My heart became 「Hokkori」💗🎶
    Thankyou Lucy and Jennifer


    1. Good for you…It was very simple and meaningful movie.
      By the way, I’m really impressed with Saori Yoshida’s tears she lost the fourth gold medal but I think she did well. I couldn’t her fighting on live. She is praised to have young fighters to follow her.


  2. I think so too
    She is great.💐
    Shewalked road
    It’s really gold road
    Young girls are good fight
    Thanks to SAORI
    Strong and beautiful wome👑


  3. Good evening !
    Jen & Ann 😊Thank you for sympathy!
    I’m more like the DVD of ‘summer&autumn’.
    I have rented many times. So I will buy 😄📀



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