Electric mower

I finally bought an electric mower, which is light and code less one. It’s like a code less cleaner in the yard in 20 minutes battery work. It really helped me a lot because I don’t have to bend my knees nor sit down on my heels for a long time. I used it to clean my garden very quickly.


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  1. Good morning.
    It’s a happy tool for you! Where did you get it ? And also very clean your room by photo in your blog ✨✨ It’s nice!✨✨


      1. Amazon !
        I also use sometimes 😊
        I will buy it on DVD.
        Next time, I will buy the DVD of ‘little forest’ .
        Recommended DVD👌

        Today is last my holiday…😿
        I plan to learning of ‘Freddie’. 🌿🌲


  2. Good morning ☁
    You find good mower✴💡
    Your garden clean after This
    I weed garden by my hand today
    My garden is small
    But bugs grow well😱
    I fight against bugs and weed
    ((( ̄へ ̄井)┐


    1. It’s amazing and the ultimate self eating life! What a slow life!!
      I adore such a life but I can’t stand without supermarkets nor Internet >< but it's so meaningful for cooking. Thanks for letting me know it!!


      1. I also can’t live without supermarkets and internet.
        This storly is respected ! I can’t be so to me.😱


  3. I finish weed
    Thanks to your blog I could weed
    Everyday hot I don’t for motivation
    But you bought mower for clean garden
    I should clean garden
    I think so too
    Thank you jennifer


  4. I hate being bitten by mosquitos so I sprayed killer and wore thick mask, glasses, long sleeves and pants. I was all sweat and needed to take shower every time I mowed…


  5. I misunderstood garbage is cabbage
    Iam surprised a lot of cabbage,!
    I use dictionary, ,,,
    Garbage is weed
    I should study more(/。\)




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