What a strong love!

I’ve known Saori Yoshida had lost her final match yesterday after a while though she had been expected to win the fourth championship of Olympic and had a leadership of the Japan Olympic team. The wrestling girls team are grown up following Saori and have won the gold medals.

I think Saori’s dedication is more than fourth gold medal. I’d like to give her great worship and hope her life happy afterward.

I’m also very moved with her mother’s word and affection. I think it’s a strong mother’s love.

What a strong love!


What a strong love!」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    Fathers love are higher than mountains🌅
    Mothers love are deeper than the ocean🌊
    I remembered the poem
    Big- gently- warm- silent,,,
    Great daughter has great mother
    「Oyako AI」💗🎶


  2. I sometimes forgot my parents kindness
    I noticeed your blog
    Iam very grateful for my parents
    Thank you😊




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