Lunch last week 

I had twice lunch meeting to eat out last week. One is vegetable lunch using a lot of summer vegetable with homemade Japabese basil sauce. It was natural and simple dish. The other one is gorgeous three stairs lunch box. The first is rice, the second is cooked vegetable and the third is tempura and grilled fish or egg roll. The side has fresh sashimi from Yokata bay’s caught ones. 

I had a really good time to taste summer very much.


Lunch last week 」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    Healthy and delicious lunch🍄
    You are happiness😋
    I made Japanese basil source
    It’s delicious and easy to use
    By the way
    What a plant of picture,?


    1. Oh…I don’t know it exactly. It was decorated at the counter of the Japanese restaurant on the moss…it was really vivid and cool made dishes more brilliant.



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