Basil sauce

It’s poorer product of basil in my garden. It’s because I grew them from seeds not as usual from young plants bought at the shop.

My gardening skill and care are not  enough for them and the more this year, leaves are bitten a lot by bugs. It’s because I don’t like to use agricultural chemicals. So almost leaves were killed into bugs food except in the planters.

So I harvested some of leaves from the planters and made into paste. I’m sorry small portion of paste this summer. I’m thinking about next year, leaves should be planted in the planter except edible chrysanthemum. It’s very strong and not edible by bugs.


Basil sauce」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁☀
    I regret that you couldnot make basil source
    This summer is very hot and so bugs paradise,!
    I like edible chrysanthemum
    It’s good fragrance and delicious


    1. It’s so strange that extremely hot in the day time but got cool in the evening and in the morning. The difference between the day and night are really big. It seems like three seasons in a day like the continent recently.



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