Anger management

Do you know how to manage yourself? The point is to control your anger in yourself. When you get angry you can try how you control and think why you are angry. 

It’s said people who get angry easily get sick easily….if you are one of those, need to fix yourself.

Anger management


Anger management」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    That’s right
    I understand Why I get angry
    Nothing born of angry
    Such time I remember Happy incident
    TAKARAZUKA- sweet-


  2. Good morning.
    I think so,too.
    But there are troubles and stress at any age.
    I believe that it is good for the health to laugh,and laugh.
    In fact,I got an examination at the hospital yesterday.
    There was not the abnormality.
    At last I was laughable.
    After all I am thankful for health.

    I’m sorry for my clumsy English.



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