Original bookcover

It’s an amusing handmade craft to cover a book.

I tried to make some bookcovers using old paper, clothe and the paper. They seem very nice, don’t they?

Handmade bookcover


Original bookcover」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    Yesterday was very hot🎇
    Book cover is cute😊
    Blue is cool
    Hand made is good
    I made tea pot cover
    Thorse ware present for friends
    I don’t use dictionary
    I am sorry a lot of mistake


  2. Thank you very much😍
    I looking forward to reading your blog
    Your everyday blog is surprised -amazing- terrible- interesting-and funny
    By the way blue cover is silk,?
    It’s kimono before,?


    1. It’s not mine but my mother’s…I’m not belonging to Tea Ceremony. But there are something left over clothes in her drawers…(^-^)/ I just borrow them for a whileo(^_-)O




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