The whole molting 

There were two larvas in the different tree which the former cicada already finished its transformation. I was very excited to make an observation again. But the one of the larvas suddenly fell down from the branch. It’s climbing again to the next tree, while the other larva started to make his molting. The fellen one kept climbing at the same height as before and I was busy to observe the transformer. Though the poor larva fell again and never seen until the transformation finished.

I felt very sorry about two larvas fate. One could finish its mysterious change successful but the other one failed. The wild life is survival. It makes me think a lot.


By the way , I couldn’t find any of cicada on the tree this morning. 

I hope they could fly into the sky and spend their short summer.


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      1. It’s difficult to say …I also can’t make it sure by myself as the wise words saying but like those ” You can’t cry over spilled milk. ” or ” What’s done is done. ” We’d better look forward to what’s going on in the future and try to make full of yourself. Life is not so bad in the end. Every one can share the same time and occasion at all.



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