Cicada molting

Then….next morning it’s today.

I couldn’t find the white cicada any more where I had seen last night. But I could find it moved to the tree and changed its color brown. That’s why I couldn’t  see it at first.

It’s climbing to the top slowly and wait for the time to fly to the sky.  I wish it would be warm and sunshine for the new cicada.


Cicada molting」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    I didn’t see cicada molting
    You are lucky❕
    New world of the cicada
    You saw that
    I saw a cast off shell I am depressed
    But Iam looking forward to seeing cicada molting


  2. Long time no see.
    Amazing!Cicada molting!
    The type is…KUMAZEMI??
    I think little big this one.Just molting like a toy.
    I think this blog saw my daughter, she is very grateful.



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