Picking blueberry

It’s season for picking fruits of berries. I enjoyed picking blueberries in my friend’s farm garden. It was still ripening mixed with blue and green sometimes red ones. She has more than hundred blueberry trees in the back yard in the country farm. I had a really good time to taste blueberry dessert, too.


Picking blueberry」への5件のフィードバック

  1. It’s great. I wannt to go there.
    What a big tree of blueberry. It has many berrys.
    It has various colors.
    I found many berrys fall on the ground.
    My blackberry tree is still small. It has a little berrys.
    I made fruit vinegar with it.
    The how to make is easy. I put berrys and crystal sugar annd vinegar in bottle.
    It’s taste is fresh. Why don’t you make it.


  2. I have not a blueberry tree
    I drink alcoholic drinks my face change red at once
    But I like spread a lot of jam on the bred- yogurt- scone-and muffin🍞🍰




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