Tuna tail garlic steak 

Do you know 24 hours open seafood izakaya restaurant ?  They’re now increasing in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya more than 100 dinings.

Now I’m in Tokyo and happened to visit one in Ebisu yesterday in the morning. One of the menu which was very gorgeous was “Tuna tail garlic steak” as well as grilled shell fish and crab miso source on the stove. It was an amazing lunch time.


Tuna tail garlic steak 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    Your lunch is great every time?
    Tuna tail steak is good taste
    Fry tuna as taste as steak
    You eat high calorie food but you are slim
    Your metabolism is very good,!
    I envy you😭❕


  2. Your lunch looks very gorgeous !
    I am also planning a Tokyo trip in October.
    We also are looking forward to find a delicious shop.
    I always during the trip to eat you without having to worry about the calories😆




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