Alzheimer’s risk from young age

It’s a disease of brains in the old age. But new study reports that Alzheimer’s effects on young age such as genes inherited from each parent.

Alzheimer’s risk

Japanese version


Alzheimer’s risk from young age」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    I am sad because young people get sick
    Alzheimers is change personality
    「Mind food」
    I can eat a little good food
    But my favorite food sweets
    Be careful of health


    1. It’s not about others but about myself ….I don’t want to bother people who care about me. So I try to train my brain but don’t know what will happen. It’s important to be positive and easy going even getting sick and being lovely dementia like my oldest friend.


  2. I think so too
    My mother got dementia
    She said 「I am 32years old」
    She lived Happy world
    I am young girl in my dream((o(^∇^)o))🎀


    1. As long as she gives no harm but joyful to you both of you’re happy dementia. On the other hand, obsessed greed or grudge dementia is very harmful and destroying care mind.


  3. Hello
    It is a great research.
    It is shocking to have a gene risk of disease.
    I hope if you can clarify early risk avoidance method.



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