Gorgeous lunch

I ate out lunch with friends and had great meat”beef cheek”. It’s cooked with red wine and very mild and soft. I’d like to cook beef cheek but it’s hard to be found at the shop. How can I get it?

After we were full with perfect lunch, still had rooms for sweets. We could eat delicious ice cream parfait but the shop was closed.  Finally I got cool fruits tea and pan cake topping with ice cream.

We had gorgeous lunch yesterday.


Gorgeous lunch」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    It was wonderful lunch🍴
    Main course was great
    Of course sweet was great too
    I love tea
    Orange tea is nice☕🍊
    Iwant to eat gorgeous lunch
    But I love Japanese stail food
    I will have to put up with
    「UMEno HANA」lunch🍚


  2. It ooks really delicious. I want to eat the beef cheek.
    And orange tea is nice. What kind of fruit is in the tea?
    Last sunday I had good lunch with my cousin.
    We rode uchikawa cruise and we eat Italian lunch at the restrant that can look yacht harbor in sinminato.


    1. It sounds nice that you had a cruise and lunch at the yacht harbor in Shinminato not Yokohama..,LOL. But you’re very proud of having great moment near our area. We can discover more splendid places in our town.




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