Allergy March 

Did you know the word “Allegy March”? It causes allergic syndromes one after another. It started from hay fever and then happens with food. It would be annoying if you can’t eat something anymore. As long as I know some people have allergic with Soba, flour, egg, milk or nuts and so on. 

I recently have a problem after taking milk but not for yogurt or soy milk. So I’m trying to avoid allergen. 

Allergy March


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  1. Goodmorning☔
    I know allergy March
    I asked 「do you have allergy,?」 for my house came children
    My family don’t have allergy
    But pollen allergy is burst out sick
    Be careful we are kept
    good conditions


  2. Good morning.
    I don’t know ”Allergy March”
    I’m not a food allergy.
    I have an allergy caused by house dust.
    I think that the oid days were not allergy about years.
    If we to do it can be cured after it has developed?


    1. I’m not sure about it but I knew that intestinal bacteria has a lot to have those allergy problem. We’ve developed life clean and anti-bacteria in our life so we got very weak in our own intestinal condition. So to speak, it’s needed to increase intestinal bacteria.



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