Scary attack

It’s really horrible that a swarm of bees chased and covered the car. They are said to chase the queen bee which happened to be into the car.

“Carol Howarth, 65, returned to her silver Mitsubishi in a Welsh car park on May 22 to find the back of it covered with bees, the London Telegraph reported.”

It was a tragedy caused by the natural instinctive love for  missing queen bee. Nothing can be blamed.

Scary attack


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    1. Oh…really? Yours is the same as that of Mitsubishi’s? But don’t worry this is different from the situation…anyway be careful of the queen bee, never let her in!


  1. I’m sorry.
    I wanted to say.
    It is not even to approach if my car is covered in bees.
    My car is Minica of Mitsubishi….LOL


  2. I do not know the fear because there never has been stung by a bee.

    Today we went to see the hydrangea to Meigetsuin of Kamakura. Was very grateful to the description in English will be asked for directions on the train back to Roppongi to United Kingdom tourists.


    1. You seemed to have a good time seeing hydrangea in Kamakura. It’s just the good time, lucky you!
      The tourists from UK was also lucky to have been guided by you.



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