Nothing special 

I wake up and feel comfortable these days. Not so hot nor cold, wearing light without AC. I think it the best season in a year, especially today!

I greet plants in my garden, they are pretty fine moist in the morning.

I find the babies of blackberry. I’d like to taste their fruity jam soon.


Nothing special 」への6件のフィードバック

  1. It is a good morning of feeling.
    Blackberry It is cute of your garden!
    I also the other day,I made a strawberry jam. At the same…it was also the challenge of making ‘‘pau birear”. The result is the next opportunity!


      1. I’m sorry. I also did not find a tapioka powder.
        I used the mashed potatoes instead.
        I can freshly ate delicious like a rice cake. But it was not delicious over time.
        Next time I would like to make in the tapioca powder.



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