What a powerful woman!

M; A 100cm tall and 20kg woman has born two babies, raising and having her inconvenient life but powerful and strong. She was born disable with fatal disease of weak bones.

F; Who are you talking about?

M; She is Natsuko Izena. She didn’t cry her life but asked support to help her all her life. She has never had disable mind.

F; Wow…..she is very cute and positive. Incredible so active.

M; She can’t live without support but she went on studying overseas, in the US and Denmark.

F; What a wonderful woman she is ! She opened the door to those who were disable but also for all of us giving encouragement.

M; Absolutely her spirit has barrier free.

F; That’s right!

What a powerful life!

Her challenge

Her challenge 2


What a powerful woman!」への3件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    M:I knew of her from today’s blog.
    F: yeah,she is great🎊💮🎉💕
    M:right❗and her parents are great too💕
    F:I can’t like their child care.
    I would cry over and shout every day.
    M:OH,me too😅😵😱😲
    I’ll do my best from now.
    F:do your best💕


  2. Although I knew about Ms.Inase for the first time after reading this article, I also think what a powerful woman she is!
    I was very impressed that she was continuing to live brightly and positively despite being a intractable disease from the time she was born and accomplished a lot of activities that even a healthy person can’t be done easily.
    Especially, I want to praise to her giving birth and raising two children.


  3. What a wonderful woman!
    I knew about her for the first time.
    I looked for a maxim that’s closely to her.
    But that was needless.
    Mrs.Izena’s way of life, this is worthy of maxima.
    I’m not case the say that my backache or my shoulder pain.




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