Life of Hygge

M; I’m really sympathy with “Hygge life”.

F; What’s that?

M; It’s Danish style life, to live happily and feel comfortable.

F; That’s the reason why the Danish are the happiest in the world, isn’t it?

M; Indeed! They know how much important life itself, not making money nor being rich but spending life happy and free in comfortable.

F; We tend to make value having luxury and working harder most of the life time.

M; Working hard and making effort are also very important but our life time is limited so we should know the purpose of our life.

F; The purpose of life…..what’s it?

M; I mean it’s to enjoy life!

F; Oh…I see.

Then let’s have hygge!

Life of Hygge

What’s Hygge?


Life of Hygge」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    M:I mistook 「Hugge」 for 「Heidi」, Danish? not Swiss?
    F:you are scatterin.
    M:yeah, If I have Hugge time occasionally, It’s good😆
    But I can’t it everyday.
    F:HAHAHA you are hesty💨💨💨
    M: so Hugge is YUGA.
    (It’s elegant💕)
    F: your dictionary never have word.(LOL)


  2. F: Do you know about Denmark well?
    M: Yeah, I know that Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries and the home country of Andersen known for Andersen’s fairy tale.
    F: Do you only know about that?
    M: I’m sorry in the lack of knowledge. Could you tell me about Denmark?
    F: Okay, Denmark is a small country with the same land area as Japan’s Kyushu and a population of about 5.7 million people and also a constitutional monarchy state, but a high-welfare high-burden state. And welfare for the elderly or child are substantial and the income disparity of the people is the world’s highest level welfare state in the world. So, people’s living satisfaction is very high, and the United Nations World Happiness Report always keeps the highest standard.
    M: What a wonderful country it’s, isn’t it? I want to live in Denmark.
    F: But, new migration to Denmark seems to be difficult by there are very strict regulations.


  3. F: Do you know “Hygge”?
    M: I’ve heard it on a trip program.
    F: Is “Hygge” like a Slow Life?
    M: Well, it might be a bit different.
    F: But it’s good to be able to protect own lifestyle, isn’t it?
    M: Maybe it’s not too late from now, so I want to aim for hygge’s life.



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