Cleaning PC

I’ve not used PC so often since I had more used iPhone and iPad in my life. Not so often a few times a year since 2011 with my Mac Pro when synchronize with devices or update of OS. It’s a good time in winter holiday staying at home checking and cleaning in the hard disk.

I checked unused applications or garbages and uninstall from PC. Then I noticed some free soft applications which I needed to install but not sure if I keep them or not. I searched them on the internet and found one of them is alarmed to be infected by malware virus which might cause to steel important key such as password or access informations. I was very nervous what to do with my PC and immediately ask the Apple support how to protect my security.

Before making phone call I changed password for both access and ID but I didn’t know how to remove the danger perfectly.

The Apple support is so kind and gentle to lead me to get to the genius who can give me good advice. Finally I could have a good solution to remove the fear and check the security from now on. It’s very useful to install “Malwarebyres” service on line which the genius offered to use it for the security on the net.

So I’ll be careful to drive computer without getting any infections.

Dangerous alarm



Cleaning PC」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    I think afraid of Trojan horses.
    But I don’t have PC.
    Crime level is complicated.
    You ware good to cleaning PC.


    1. It’s been dangerous tricks to invade to break the security here and there. “Better safe than sorry”. We need to care much previously.


  2. You are truly familiar with the OS, aren’t you?
    I often use on my PC is “word” or “excel”.
    I use the Internet when sending comments to you.
    And when I to find out something.
    I can’t difficult operation of PC, and I’m worried about virus infection.
    So, I will not install anything don’t need.
    By the way,
    I could see Tateyama in the morning.
    I wanted to see to my grandchildren the beautiful Mt,Tate.


    1. It’s absolutely important to know about the risks on the web. It’s all self-responsibility to get lost or damages to come and go on the internet. So I have to learn as long as using net communications.


  3. I don’t use iPhone or iPad at all, and although it’s outdated, I rely entirely on PC.
    But, PC is large equipment, usable environment is limited and usability is bad.
    So, I am envious of you who is enabling to freely make full use the iPhone or iPad.
    At my home, my son’s couple, of course, and my wife or elder grandson also uses smartphones.
    However, PC is an indispensable device for me in order to edit and organize videos and photography of my hobbies.
    A huge amount of data is stored in my PC or portable hard disk, and although it must be arranged, it can’t be realized quite easily.


    1. You know everything you have means everything you lose….such as PC is very useful and advantageous but without it we can’t do anything….it’s a kind of outward brain. We might shift the brain too much on IT and go on in the future, too,



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