Travel in your town

It’s very excited to see our prefecture introduced on TV program. Going through from the southwest to the northeast to the Hokkaido is the mission by Shohei Hino by the bicycle 🚴. This week he visited Toyama. I’m looking forward to watching it every day.

Travel in your town


Travel in your town」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning.
    I sometimes see the program on NHK’s BS.
    I saw it yesterday,but it was very good.
    He is one year senior to me,I also do my best.


  2. Good morning☁
    Sorry😅😓 I did’nt watch it.
    I knew the program of TV, I watched a few times before.
    Toyama often used for TV location.
    It’s good🎶
    Takaoka is good town so I lived ther nine years ago.
    The first,Idid’nt like ther, but I brought up children , many people help me,I am brought up with them .
    Now I am brought up Mondays class mate and you.
    ♪Ю―(^▽^o) ♪



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