The book recomended

It’s about book review for sales but worth for reading of Dr. Yamanaka’s. He got a Nobel Prize for iPS cell study in the generative medicine.

I’m sure he’s young enough and hoped to be carried out more medical situations. Young generation such as Mana Ashida saying that she got very impressed with his great efforts and works. It’s very important many young learners are inspired and make their wish come true by a book.

The book recommended


The book recomended」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning.
    I know 「 Jamanaka」.
    He himsalf said when he won the Nobel phize.
    He and she are also smart people.


  2. Good morning ☀

    Mr.「jamanaka」is famous topic.
    In case of Mr.Tanaka kouichi
    Failure is a stepping stone to success.
    Our miss are only miss
    ,but theirs miss are discover to new something.
    It’s great🎊💮🎉💕
    Good luck everybody🎶
    I must call phone today at ten morning📱☎
    For Ms. Todoroki ,she’s show applicant.
    For that reason I’m absent today’s class.
    I try my best❗


  3. I did it❗🎶💕
    Thank you 💕💓💗
    I could get ticket.
    Two hour,500times
    I called ,I’m very tired.
    But I’m very happy💗
    Thanks to your cheer.
    ♪Ю―(^▽^o) ♪♪v(*’-^*)^☆



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