How to make yourself positive

When I was a student I asked my dear elder student if I was having too inferior to others at that time. She replied to me ” You know inferior complex is behind the superior one. So you have both of them.” I was really recognized by her wise words. Ever since I never said myself superior nor inferior to others. I just tried to compare myself before and afterward.Then being positive is based on negative because they’re living together. The point is how to make yourself positive when you are in need.

This is an article those who are in trouble with lower self-confidence.

How to make yourself positive


How to make yourself positive」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    Case of me, I watched mirror and say 「you did it❗」 「you are cute💓💗」 「you are good person」etc.
    When I had hard , I think about happy something.
    I don’t think about I can’t doing oneself.
    By the way I was surprised at yesterday blog.
    How many comment❗
    New Wednesday’s classmate?
    You are good teacher😆
    ( ☆∀☆)( v^-゜)♪(о´∀`о)


    1. You’re so great to keep yourself lift up your spirit and body, too!
      It’s the start of the new term yesterday and let them test replying from the mobile phone. Hope they will keep trying like you!



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