Watching the drama

It’s so amazing that famous big name stars are casting in this drama. It’s produced by Sou Kuramoto who is also a great writer issued many tv dramas.

This is very serious about the last chapter of life. There’re lots of pathos in a life.

Watching the drama


Watching the drama」への11件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔→☁
    I know that TV dorama😁
    Former wife, sweetheart and true or false.
    It’s very look intereing.
    But I don’t watch it.
    I will watch TV today, thank you good information😆
    ( ´∀`)/~~( v^-゜)♪(*^^*ゞ


    1. I thought it a kind of soap drama but I hope Mr.Kuramoto produces the desperate and limited life time in a fiction seeking for what’s the happy ending.



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