What’s “Duffin”?

It’s been a week since I left Perth. Yesterday I talked with my daughter on line and I said it’s only a week because I’ve been busy for these days with so many things but she said so fast! There’s a difference between our sense of daily life. For me the memory of the trip is far away now. 

I remember the one clip which I didn’t report. There is about “Duffin”. It’s new for me to have at the cafe after shopping each time. We took capuchino and Jace got babychino which is served to only for the baby, foamed milk and topped with cocoa powder.

What’s Duffin?


What’s “Duffin”?」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I don’t know Duffin.🍩
    It’s hybrid dessert in London.
    Raspberry jam, buttermilk, nutmeg etc.
    I want to make it.I’m eating for that purpose.




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