Tattoo and fashion

I found many normal people here and there in the shops, malls or resort facilities with tattoo on their body in Australia. I wonder why they are so addicted to wear tattoo, while in Japan we still think wearing tattoo is for something special different from being fashionable. 

But there is a different trend in a different country. It describes as below.

Tattoo and fashion
I’ve also found kids like body painting at the DYI shop. Many other kid girls got face painting and Jace also got a spider painting on his arm. But he didn’t like it and he erased it by himself soon. Actually he wanted Thomas paint but it was said to be difficult.


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  1. Good morning☀
    I think young person like differs for other.
    My daughter stick print tatoo.🌹🍀🌸high school student age.
    My travel, 「Nihon ryokoo」「Taiwao ootomo travel LTD」
    Gtide is very good❗very kindness😆
    We passed happy💕 and pleasure everyday😍😆😄
    Have a good time😍



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