On the way home

For almost one day way to come back home yesterday it was. I couldn’t sleep in the plane but watched the recent movies one after another so many… La La La Dance, In the corner of the world, Aibo on the theater, Lion, Strange Doctor. They were so fantastic for 12 hours on the board.

From Narita to Tokyo I tried ¥1,000  route bus for the first time. It’s incredible when Narita was only an international airport not Haneda international for a few years ago, there was a more than ¥3,000 shuttle bus to move from Narita to the Haneda domestic airport because there wasn’t Shinkansen yet. At that time I moved to abroad from the plane to plane. Now we have Shinkansen two hours’ trip from Tokyo to Toyama is very convenient. The ¥1,000 bus is run by JR….that’s why so low.

I saw many travelers from the world on the plat home. Many Shinkansen are appeared and gone. I took pictures of different Shinkansen to Jace. He was very excited to see them all. He really seems to get on Shinkansen soon.


On the way home」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Welcome home. Slowly rest! During your absence, the museum also opened temporarily. There are lots of daffodils and viola in the garden of my house.🌸


  2. Good morning☀
    I say nothing so everybody say all for you💕💓💗
    I ate watermelon at breakfasts🍉
    Today’s temperature 26℃ but everyplace used air conditioning so I feel cold😝😉😆
    Same Toyama.

    You are slowly take care back.💖💘💗💝💓💕💛
    Have a good time😍


  3. Welcome home!
    Thank you for Australian various information every day.
    The days when you are fun are spend and are arrived at the home safely,and I am glad.




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