To finish at home

It’s needed to know about the ending. If you want to finish at home alone you need to know something important.

Chizuko Ueno has published “Being alone and finish at home”. She is famous for “Being alone” and enjoying own life by yourself.

To finish at home


To finish at home」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    I agree Ms. Ueno.
    When I cared my mother, I used every official support and talk my throught for care manager.
    Myself case, sure 「Being alone」
    My life , everyday, one day,It’s very valuable.
    I believe my children understood my thoughts.


    1. You have good relationships with your children. You’re already ready to go…anytime you you like but no acceptance yet, right? 😄


  2. Yes,I have a lot of homework.
    Monday Englishschool, Art flowers, Friday gymnastics, trips, sure Takarazuka💕




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