Household helping company

A Japanese child care support company owner Noriko Nakamura starts to help household for working women. She plans hire 100 Philipino staff this year. Poppins( her company) will soon have five Filipino housekeepers working in Kanagawa Prefecture, one of the deregulated zones, southwest of the capital, along with Osaka and Tokyo, where selected companies will be allowed to hire foreign housekeepers.

Household helping company


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  1. Good morning. I think it is a good thing for parents and children. After that, it is necessary to gather trustworthy people. I want her to keep up.


    1. You think so …as you had efforts to bring children up and housekeeping as well. But in Japan people think housekeeping work is worth for no paying by housewives. It’s a problem.


  2. Women in Thailand and Philippins are hard workers and serious.
    They are doing their best in nursing care in Japan.
    We look forward to the future success.


  3. Good morning ☀
    She has foresight❗
    Work women need to help.
    I emplied Filipino for cleaning staff in hospital twenty years ago.
    She was obedient and hard worker👱
    I could speak only a little English so I used Romaji and gesture.
    She understands my explanation.
    Ms. Nakamura she is great💝🌟🎉🎊
    (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ ♪



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