Funny cats

It’s white outside covered with snow this morning. Luckily on Saturday you don’t have to hurry and work to clean the snow.

I’m lazy on Saturday cold morning.  Just staying in the warm place taking hot drink and having some fun at home.

Funny cat 1

Frunny cat 2


Funny cats」への10件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning, wild birds are coming to the tree in my garden. The birds eat the apple and monkey bread hanging on the tree deliciously in the snow. Birds are warm. The movement of a white cat is really funny. I also want to keep it. I think that it is impossible in reality!


  2. Good morning ⛄⛄⛄❄❄❄
    Cat is very cute😆🐱🐱
    My dog ,Nana
    She likes into the box for dress up doll.
    She became proudly face.
    That’s very cute 🐶😆💕
    She went to hospital for nails clipper ,take off earwax this morning.
    I’m late answer brog today.


  3. I saw fat cats for the first time to enter a small box well. I am surprised. The owner will enjoy being able to see various figures everyday. I envy you.



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