Time to change

I said goodbye to my home dental surgeon who I had been associated for 30 years. It’s because I had distrust of an unkind and strict dental hygienist who treated me a few years ago. Since she had been my turn and I had always got ill treated by her. I felt like disgraceful with her. This occasion I told the doctor I had been patient with her but the doctor didn’t say anything for my claim. That’s why I finally made up my mind to leave the long associated dentist a week ago.Then yesterday I’ve visited a new dentist if I could find confidence. Luckily I felt easy with the new dentist and the dental hygienist. 

It’s very tough to change a home dental surgery but it makes me easier to get better treatment.

Long associated doctor is over 60 years old, while the new one might be around 40 years old. They say younger dentist would be mightier than older one. What do you think?


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  1. Good morning ☁→❄
    I think age isn’t connection.
    The most important is the first impression.
    Has doctor hear your appeal?
    Is doctor explanation easy for you?
    All clear, so good doctor❗
    By the way
    I said complete for sparrow
    they said「🚽is this garden🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦」
    They come together my garden today too😁


    1. I also don’t think of ages are effecting of the medical treatment but this case I’ve been associated for 30 years the doctor seems to get tired and somehow lost power these days….maybe something problems with him😓
      Anyway, your garden is a party room for the little 🐦 . Please give them good treat. You might be invited to their inn some day 😆


  2. I have not told a disgusted doctor until now. I think that there is nothing to go through with patience. Please find a new hospital again. Today is my birthday. 🎂, I would like to thank you for having lived up to now.




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