Jace’s become elder

It was early in the morning yesterday that my daughter rushed to the hospital. She gave birth a baby girl at 5:33.

But she had to get a surgery because of bleeding internationaly. Doctors and staffs got ready to operate immediately and I was very worried about her to hear the situation by the son-in-law. He gave a message to let me know how she would be in a few hours.

Three hours later when my daughter herself sent a message “finished” I was relieved so much!

I remember how hard and tough to bear a baby when it was…. so you can say that a woman is weak but a mother is strong!


Jace’s become elder」への20件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    You hoped for granddaughter👧❤💓💕
    Don’t worry about your daughter
    God is on she’s side💗


  2. Good evening🌃
    This year is very happy year for you😆
    You are blessed with good grandkids.
    You have still new comment from Meg👩
    Further more stork carrying baby this year❗
    How wonderful❗❗❗


  3. Congratulations
    The baby is a really pretty .
    It make all the people seeing it happy.
    your daughter getting better soon.
    Don’t worry
    I hope that this year to become wonderful for James’s family .


  4. Good morning .the weather is fin and the weather will clear up.
    Now that women active in society childirth is delayed.
    Today I will go to Gifu.


  5. The weather in Gifu yesterday was fine and it was very hot. I stayed at the 18 th tower.

    I have had a good time with my sister, niece, me and my daughter after a long absence.




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