It’s got warm again and the sun comes back these days. The emperor dahlia in my garden doesn’t finish yet, still having a little more buds after the severe icy coldness. He is survival and stands dignified. I feel sympathy with him a lot.

It’s the photo of yesterday morning but it’s cloudy and I can’t see the blue sky today.


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  1. Good morning ☁
    I think so
    I selected cut for rose’s branch yesterday🌹🌿
    Some flower🌹and bud put in a vase
    Those bloom in living room
    Another bud will bloom in my garden
    Plant power is wonder and great🎊💮🎉💕
    It’s power were gave for benefit of the our(“⌒∇⌒”)



    1. Indeed, their power are great and give us happy feeling. We’re getting to live at the end of life together. It reminds me of the “The last leaf” by O.Henry.



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