Acrylic cleaner

It’s a small joy to knit acrylic cleaner to use at the kitchen or bathroom. It’s said without soap but I sometimes use a little bit of detergent when it has thick oil. 

Recently I suddenly had rough hands I don’t know why. So I need to be careful when working washing, gardening and using soap and detergent. I try to use as less detergent as possible to protect my hands.

These are cute stuff and help me a lot.


Acrylic cleaner」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    「Acrylic cleaner10knights」
    It’s cool and reliable
    I used foil so good and easy
    Next I’m going to try acrylic cleaner
    I imagine clean up my house🏠
    By the way I ate a lot of rice cake yesterday
    Soy flower – zenzai- tonziru- grated daikon and chocolate rice cake
    I should work more hard for my triple stomach❗❗❗



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