Short day

It’s still dark at this time around 7:00 am. It’s reported today’s sunrise 6:55 am and sunset 16:36. It gets bright late and dark early…we have getting shorter and shorter days for now.

My garden is quiet but he is only the one who is the winter hero.


Short day」への5件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    I usually get up at5〜6o’clock in morning🌃🌄
    But dark in outside
    If I misunderstand night , sleep again,,,
    OMG!!! Iromp about in room😱😲😵
    By the way he fought for cold☔❄⚡🌀
    You said it!
    He is hero👑🎊


  2. Your garden is wonderful.
    Nothing bloom in my garden now.
    He is a hero,who bloom in cold.
    Please tell me his name.
    I want to bloom this flower in the next season.



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