Too late but…

I planted small two plants of imperial dahlia given by Jack in my class in spring last year. Though they grew about a meter high didn’t bloom even having no buds and died last late autumn.

This year I cared a bit of them giving fertilizer and observed carefully. In October they grew over my head taller than 160cm high. But….they were destroyed by the typhoon and strong storms. I made each branches support by sticks and tie to the fense. They were almost broke and dead.

I gave up their bloom this year, too and expect next year and plan to move where no storm attacks.

Suddenly I found the one of the plants over 2m high had some buds yesterday. But it’s too late for them to bloom, isn’t it? I’m very anxious that those pretty buds could bloom in time of the final season. They might not bloom by the coldness of winter. Just hope the warm sunshine gives them the chance.


Too late but…」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅
    I’m sorry your imperial dahlia
    A lot of natural disaster break out in this year⛄⚡🌀☔
    I hope so nevertheless It’s bloom🌼🌺🌻



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