New brand “Bonbon” and “Ojosaba”

It’s so brand new and funny naming of the hatchery fish.

“Oyster Bonbon” is new brand of hatchery fish. It’s expecting to succeed to supply fresh fish because of polluted seawater and contaminated bacteria. It must be better to eat clean and healthy one. Ojosaba is also a new trial of hatchery mackerel. They’re the fish of prince and princess.

New brand


New brand “Bonbon” and “Ojosaba”」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I knew Ojosaba 🐟
    But I don’t eat it yet
    I want try Oyster bonbon
    I like Oyster
    Fresh and broil Oyster is very delicious🎶💗
    We ate alot of Oyster with BBQ every winter
    Snowy windy very cold
    Nevertheless we were satisfied😋✨



    1. Bonbon and Ojosaba are both protected so a little bit afraid of far from the natural taste. It’s a kind of generated food industry.



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