Net fraud

I’ve often heard of phishing net fraud which send trick mails or alarming to scare people in the emails and SMS.

It was yesterday I got a scam message from the number 010….. It was very strange and uneasy but I immediately deleted it because that’s the one of the fraud recently.

Anyway I searched on the net those of similar cases as mine. They’re so typical these days. But be careful and mind it!

False billing
Net Scam


Net fraud」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I had experience of net fraud
    It demand to be paid of adult site rental💏😱
    Sure I didn’t pay so I didn’t use it
    I don’t open not name indication e-mail📱


    1. Well, we’ve already known about the phishing mails and net fraud but actually when we get it very nervous and upset for a moment. We need to be cautious and big attention for the cases.



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