Future for the bookstore

There have been lots of bookstores disappeared in a decade. It doesn’t seem exist alone any more but in the shopping center or multi-complex type for example having rental service, caterria and fancy stationary goods sales or events.

I’ve been to a multi-attractive bookstore in Daikanyama Tsutaya in Tokyo which offers no more  books than comfort and community with people. They prepare people for space, intelligence, pleasure and different possibilities of making interests.

Future for the bookstore


Future for the bookstore」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔
    My school life
    I met fried in bookstore always📖
    So I read book during waited for fried arrival
    I would rather than fried was late
    I could 「Tachiyomi」 I’m so glad❗
    Do You best❗❗ bookstore


    1. I used to read books standing at the bookstore on my way back home when I was a high school student. But no bookstore there I went on. Instead big floored book store is now in the department. But I don’t often go there because no regulation going through by but shop online or Ebook easily…it’s why the decreasing of bookstore. I’d rather go to the bookstore more often and visit cafe insideσ(^_^;)


  2. I go to bookstore yet
    I love bookstore’s atmosphere
    I gave my grandchildren books when they came my house
    Recently they want Manga




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