Blooming late

I finally see the imperial dahlia blooming this year on the path of my regular walking course. There were terrible typhoon attacks to fall the tall stalk down in my garden before they prepared buds.

I’m very sorry not to have those beautiful flowers in my garden. I need to replant them where storm doesn’t go through for next year.

But they like the sunshine in the south and no light at night. It seems difficult for them in the garden, instead better like in the field without shade of buildings.


Blooming late」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    I regret that your an emperor dahlia
    This year had a lot of windy
    My garden’s rose arch fall down in May
    Rose flowers is the best beautiful in May
    I couldn’t watch it this year
    I expect. that I can watch beautiful rose next year🌹
    So I believe you can watch beautiful dahlia next year🌼



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