What you should say

It sometimes happen to Japanese when you would say “I’m sorry ” instead of “excuse me?” or “pardon me?”. It because Japanese  have some phrases to apologize “Gomennasai”, “Sumimasen” and “Shiturei shimasu”. Those are translated into English “I’m sorry ” or “Excuse me”. But we tend to use both “Gomennasai” and “Sumimasen” as the same. It makes us to cause confusion because in English “I’m sorry ” and “Excuse me” are different. If it’s not your fault you don’t have to say “I’m sorry” but in Japanese even if it’s not your fault we might say both of those apologies.

Anyway learning foreign languages and using them are very  useful to know our language and sense of the history and culture of the background.

What you should say


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  1. Good morning ☀
    Todays blog is 「That’s right」
    I can’t understand 「I’m sorry」 「Excuse me」
    I useed those word messy
    I am careful with those word

    σ(^_^;)? (;^_^A o(^o^)o




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